Laurel & Fey

Laurel & Fey is a boutique event planning company based in Los Angeles, CA.



Autumn has been and will always be a time of transition — from light to dark; the long summer days turn to long winter nights, leaves change and fall from their lofty branches, the trees are left barren, waiting for renewal and the kiss of spring. This shift in seasons is a great romance — a rhythmic waltz between dark and light — that transforms all in its path and makes way for growth. Inspired by this, designer Jenni MacLeod of The Blushing Bird along with Revel Petals and Laurel and Fey, crafted a stunning styled shoot at Oak Canyon Ranch in Los Angeles, all photographed by Tyler Branch.

Marisa of Revel Petals shares A wedding is a transition into the newness of marriage and life as a union. What could be a more perfect inspiration for a moody autumn wedding? With harvest as a major marker of autumn, we wanted to create a contemporary interpretation of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. We imagined our couple as farmers, younger than Grant’s characters yet still embodying the stern, hard weathered perspective of the painting. This harshness is coupled with the vulnerability of love, creating a tense beauty that we weaved throughout the story.